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Product Description

1. Light weight than other building material;

2. Raw material: Straw.


The FGC light partition board has smaller capacity of its hollow and heavier of itsdead weight; Especially when constructing to install pipeline, cable, TV & Phonewiring and Computer Network line, it has to cut and partly damage partition board forinstallation, that is, it will increase working volume and also destroy thearchitectural entirety as well as decrease intensity.


This product is light of dead weight and high of rigidity, so that it can work as thehollow partition board for conduit and wiring on construction. The internal space ofentire hollow is unnecessary to be cut in installing water pipe, conduit, power line,Television line, Phone line, Computer Network line and etc. Along horizontal andvertical direction. As a whole it is convenient to install, shorten work hours andenhance two times or more of efficiency.


Furthermore it is rigid, intense and light of weight. Its dead weight is about33kg/m2; . There are two types to be chosen, one is rough and the other is smooth.The smooth one can be colored after being scraped off a little grease. It reduces oneprocedure of plaster.

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